Are Mosquitoes Swarming Your Jacksonville Yard?

If you are familiar with the diseases carried by mosquitoes, it is likely that you are concerned about Jacksonville mosquitoes biting you. While you shouldn’t be overly concerned, it is wise to take precautions. Today, we’re going to discuss how you can guard yourself and your family against the diseases carried by mosquitoes with a few simple tips from the Jacksonville mosquito control experts here at Trad’s Pest Control. Have a read!

Personal Mosquito Protection

The first step in preventing mosquito bites is to consider ways you can protect yourself when you leave your property, particularly if you’ll be going into areas where there are lots of mosquitoes.

  • Mosquito repellent is considered to be the most effective way to deter mosquitoes and prevent mosquito bites. It isn’t a complete solution, but it is certainly high on the list. We recommend a product that contains DEET or Picaridin.
  • Mosquitoes have poor eyesight so they can be deterred if you wear bright-colored clothing. And wear clothing that covers your arms and legs if possible, this will reduce the amount of exposed skin you offer to mosquitoes.
  • When it comes to preventing mosquito bites, it pays to be the designated driver at an outdoor event where alcohol will be consumed. All it takes is one beer to draw mosquitoes to you.
a mosquito at sunset

Personal Mosquito Deterrent

The second step is to consider how to deter mosquitoes from wanting to hang around you. Some folks invest in candles, torches, and other over-the-counter products. These have very limited success. Other Jacksonville residents, in recent years, have started turning to home remedies to keep mosquitoes away.

A common method that is continually found on social media is the use of mouthwash to deter mosquitoes. This does have an effect if you use the right mouthwash. You have to get something with essential oils. We recommend using the essential oils themselves, such as lavender, lemon eucalyptus, or tea tree oil.

Some folks use plants that keep mosquitoes away, such a lavender, citronella, marigolds, and scented geraniums. If you do this, be aware that these plants will do very little on their own. They need to be activated by touch. For best results, we recommend rubbing the leaves and applying the oils to your skin and clothing.

Keep in mind that when you use home remedies to keep mosquitoes away or plants that keep mosquitoes away, their effects don’t last long. Natural products break down quickly and will leave you exposed to mosquito bites if you’re not continually applying them. It is best to apply Jacksonville mosquito control treatments to kill mosquitoes in the yard.

The Best Way To Kill Mosquitoes In The Yard

When a female mosquito comes onto your property, she can lay 100 eggs at a time. That is definitely not something you want! You can stop this by having a licensed professional apply a mist product around your home. This drives mosquitoes away and knocks down any mosquitoes that don’t take the hint.

At Trad’s Pest Control, we use industry-leading products that only impact simple organisms, like mosquitoes. They will have no impact on you, your kids, your pets, and other animals in your yard. Routine applications of this product can make your yard a mosquito-free zone, depending on the conditions on and around your property.

If you desire a non-chemical solution, we offer this as well. At the core of our non-chemical, year-round mosquito control is the deployment and management of mosquito traps. These traps lure female mosquitoes in and provide ideal breeding sites. Without realizing it, the females are exposed to the knockdown agent and the eggs are neutralized.

If you want to keep mosquitoes out of your yard on your own, we recommend removing all sources of standing water. This reduces the number of places female mosquitoes can lay their eggs. In addition to our Jacksonville services, we provide reliable pest control services in Atlantic Beach, as well as exterminator services in Durbin Crossing.

Your Resource For Pest Problems In Jacksonville

When you need mosquito control in Jacksonville, you can count on the service team here at Trad’s Pest Control. We use products and strategies that are considered to be the most effective in the industry, and we apply the science of Integrated Pest Management to get the best pest control with the least amount of chemicals. We don’t believe that it is wise to replace the threat of mosquito-borne viruses, such as West Nile virus, Yellow fever, and Zika virus by applying chemicals in your yard that are harmful to you, your family, and your pets. The products we use are known to be environmentally friendly as well as family-friendly.

If you’d like to learn more, we’d love the opportunity to speak with you. Our number one priority is to guide you toward the right solutions for your Jacksonville pest problems. Reach out to Trad’s Pest Control anytime for immediate assistance with mosquitoes. We’re here to help!