Mosquito Control in The Greater Jacksonville Area

Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Around Your Jacksonville Home

Mosquitoes are widely considered to be the most dangerous creatures on earth; the two most common types of mosquitoes in Florida include the Asian tiger mosquito and the gallnipper. They love to swarm around us, making it impossible to enjoy spending time outside. Mosquitoes are also responsible for spreading a variety of deadly diseases. Fortunately, Trad’s Pest Control is here to help keep mosquitoes away! We offer premium mosquito control services in the greater Jacksonville, FL area, including exterminator services in Atlantic Beach; contact our Jacksonville mosquito control experts today for a free estimate!

Our Jacksonville Mosquito Control Services

At Trad’s, we have researched the best ways to keep mosquitoes away from your yard. Each mosquito treatment begins with a thorough inspection for conducive conditions such as foliage and standing water. We offer the following options for mosquito control in Jacksonville:

Eco-Friendly Treatment With In2Care

If you prefer a more natural, eco- and pollinator-friendly approach, our experts also provide year-round mosquito treatments using In2Care; a non-toxic, botanical spray. In2Care is safe for people and pets, and is the ideal method for treating mosquitoes with no harm to the ones you love!

mosquito control device

Backpack Misting Treatment

Our backpack misting service offers a total clearing of mosquitoes from around your Jacksonville home. We offer this service as either a 60-day treatment program or an annual program including six treatments, scheduled every other month.

Take Back Your Jacksonville Yard From Mosquitoes

Jacksonville residents know how harmful mosquitoes in our area can be. That’s why our local pest experts are at your service with powerful mosquito prevention measures designed to protect your property and keep mosquitoes out of your house all year long! We offer a number of effective home pest control and commercial pest control services in Jacksonville, and we’re here to help.

Take back your home and yard from pesky mosquitoes by contacting us today!

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